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Our work

An innovative curriculum of medicinal and aromatic plants' cultivation,
harvesting, processing, storage, and marketing
for local farmers, wild herb collectors and rural entreprenuers

Objectives & Outputs

Achieve a highly trained and technology-ready
workforce in the botanical sector

To produce high-quality Open Educational Resources (OERs) to facilitate sustainable Wild MAPs collection and processing and enhance ICT uptake in education and training is our priority! By creating tailored innovative training materials, the project aims to upskilling of MAPs collectors, farmers and processors promoting a highly trained and technology-ready workforce in the botanical sector.

Validate skills and qualifications of Wild MAPs professionals with a complete Certification Scheme

To ensure the validation of skills and qualifications of Wild MAPs collectors and producers, the project will create the first AgroCertification (AgroCert), and an assessment methodology, adding a new high value for the agricultural sector. This will also enhance the value of the final product, certifying the sustainability of the whole process (from collection to production) of Wild MAP.

Promote sustainable methods
and new income methods

Each project task is aligned with promoting sustainable practices in the Wild MAPs sector and enhance the welfare of local and regional professionals and their communities in the long term. To achieve this, we will analyze the current behaviours and expectations of individual Wild MAPs professionals, the skills and competencies emerging from a more sustainable approach, as well as market and legislative analysis of Wild MAP collection and production.

Digital innovation to achieve more sustainable
processes in the botanical sector

The project team will develop a GIS-enabled tool for the identification and geographical allocation of climatic and ecological Data associated with target MAPs. This tool aims to foster sustainability by providing accurate information about Wild MAPs in local areas. This GIS tool will be designed as a user-friendly web app, facilitating easy and open access to any stakeholder.

Boost the local development of the
MAP sector and engage stakeholders

We go local! The project aims to activate the local and regional communities involved or interested in the Wild MAPs sector, creating the right conditions for it. Building Wild MAP communities, engaging and enriching actions, as well as a continuous interaction flow will allow creating the path to Wild MAPs local development.

Ensure knowledge transfer
to the sector and to new initiatives

We will generate concrete actions for knowledge transfer, such as workshops, training, and peer-to-peer learning for wild herb collectors and rural entrepreneurs. Facilitate project methodologies transfer to other agriculture sectors (e.g., mushroom cultivation) is a cut-crossing issue for each activity, result and output of the project.