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We are preparing the Multiplier Events!

    At today’s consortium meeting we met to discuss the methodology to be applied in the Multiplier Events of the WildMAPsFiT project.

    As we prepare to say goodbye to all these months of cooperative work, we begin to prepare what will be the closing event of the project: the Multiplier Events.

    Each partner will have to organise a face-to-face event to gather the most relevant target audience related to the main topic of WildMAPsFiT and share the results obtained through the project. The idea is to disseminate and communicate them to as many small-scale farmers, students and agriculture-related workers as possible who can benefit from the modules and tools created by the consortium.

    From the first week of June, there will be a multiplier event in each country of the project: Greece, Turkey, Ireland, Italy and Spain. We will keep you informed of the dates and locations of the events.

    Of course, you are all invited – hope to see you in one of them!