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The Atlas of Traditional Apulian Agri-food Products

    From traditional dishes to the most characteristic products of the area, this is what the 700-page Atlas of the Traditional Food Products of Apulia covers. In 329 entries, the atlas is divided into Soft drinks, distilled beverages and liqueurs; Fresh meats and their preparation; Cheeses; Vegetable products in their natural or processed state; Fresh pasta and much more.

    Each entry briefly tells the history and traditional production process of each product, as well as its various local names, the period and province of production and the main nutritional aspects of each foodstuff.

    Among the pages of this atlas are numerous references to medicinal aromatic plants associated with the most traditional recipes of the heel of Italy. Thus, oregano, sage, thyme, fennel, chilli, rosemary, mint, parsley, basil, etc. are mentioned in many of the recipes.

    This Atlas has been created thanks to the Department of Agro-environmental and Territorial Sciences of the University of Bari Aldo Moro, with the contribution of the Region of Apulia – Department of Agricultural, Rural and Environmental Development.

    To know more about its creation and to download it in e-book format for free in Italian you can visit this page of the PAT Puglia.