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Questionnaires and Focus Groups

    After creating a methodology and setting a context of each country with the conclusions of the market analysis, the deliverable 3 of the WildMAPsFiT project gathers the questionnaires and the results of the five different focus groups conducted by the project partners.

    As you can read on the document uploaded on our Knowledge Centre webpage, the questionnaires were extensive and exhaustive, providing information on the type of MAPs cultivated, harvested, collected and processed, the quantities and hectares, and the type of methods for both collecting and processing.

    In general, all the participants showed interest in having a training in activities related to collection and harvest of MAPs, but depending on the country the main interest varied between primary processing (on-farm drying, freezing, storage) and own production of MAPs or the post-harvest activities (hydro-distillation, compounds’ extraction, and/or MAP based products manufacturing).

    Most of the participants showed interest in learning about marketing and communication tools, as a complementary skill, and it is also remarkable how many of them specificity their need to know more about sustainable wild collection (methodology, legislation, control…) and the identification of Medicinal Aromatic Plants.

    The focus groups were conducted in each country with 3 different stakeholders specialised in MAPs and a project partner who led the topics and questions to be discussed. A summary of the questions and answers for each specific group can be found at the end of the document.