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Full capacity in Spain

    The planned capacity for the conference on Aromatic and Medicinal Plants organised by FEUGA in the Garden of the Sales Foundation was filled in just a few minutes.

    Taking advantage of the natural space offered by the Foundation, the event was held in the outdoor garden, where more than 50 people were able to learn from the knowledge acquired throughout the career of the botanist, Dr. Francisco Javier Silva-Pando, renowned scholar of the field and researcher at the CIF Lourizán.

    The event was part of the communication activities of the European Erasmus+ project WildMAPsFit, which is developing free courses for collectors and processors of aromatic and medicinal plants that will soon be released. They are currently available in English on the project website, and will be translated into Spanish by the end of the summer. Esther Valiño, project manager at FEUGA, was in charge of explaining the work of the project during these past months and the results obtained.

    During the conference, Dr. Silva-Pando highlighted the importance of identifying the endemic plants of Galicia and knowing how to collect them properly in order to favour their sustainability. The presentation included a summary of the most significant plants, their use and predominant location.

    Among the attendees were farmers, biologists, students and lovers and curious about plants and ecology.

    The day went smoothly, and after a question and answer session in the garden’s greenhouse, the attendees enjoyed some fruit snacks while continuing the discussion on aromatic plants.