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A success in Greece

    The WildMAPsFiT Greek Multiplier Event took place in the best possible way!

    The event was held on Sunday, June 5, the World Environment Day, at the Balkan Botanical Garden of Kroussia, the “ark of the Greek Flora” with parallel all-day actions.

    The success of the event was based on the beautiful and warm day in combination with the variety of activities such as the participatory game of WildMAPsFiT and the simultaneous training in relation to the agri-food sector, the pic-nic at the waterfalls, lakes or thematic gardens, the guided tour, the leisurely walk, and the entertainment with traditional dances, organized by the Director of the Plant Breeding & Genetic Resources Institute (ELGO DIMITRA), Dr. Eleni Maloupa.  The Greek Multiplier Event was supervised by the researcher of the Forest Research Institute (ELGO DIMITRA), Dr. Dimitris Fotakis.

    The event was honored by the presence of the Minister of Rural Development and Food, the CEO of ELGO DIMITRA, the Deputy Mayor of Kilkis, the Deputy Regional Governor of Western Greece, the director of the Institute of Soil and Natural Resources, and important business partners in the field of aromatic plants.