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Event: The CAP 2023-27 explained at University of Bari

    On days 7th and 8th April, the University of Bari will hold a conference regarding the new common agricultural policy (CAP) for the period 2023-27. Under the title “Tools for sustainable agricultural growth” the conference aims to share light on what is new and what will remain the same for these upcoming years.

    “For the period 2023-27, the common agricultural policy (CAP) will be built around ten key objectives. Focused on social, environmental and economic goals, these objectives will be the basis upon which EU countries design their CAP strategic plans.”

    European Commission

    Starting on Thursday, the first day will be hosted by the University of Bari at the Aula Leogrande Ex Palazzo delle Poste. The online and in person event will gather – in this first session – experts from different universities of Italy to talk about the new agricultural measures, how will affect the regulation of the country and which are its opportunities and limits. To be able to see the bigger picture, an expert from France will compare the situation of both countries.

    The second day – hosted by the Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza at the Aula Moro, Palazzo del Prete – will focus on how the CAP administrative system works. Everything related to payments, how to get the right information and which are the instruments to be used by the agricultural companies will be explained in this second session of the event.

    You can check the full programme for more information here.